Morning Light

On the home stretch now just need to filler & finish coat & a little polish

Stage 2


Bridge the Gap

Sits in between my Yolko & gamelo model , 5'2" low to med rocker , Single to double quad fin
with stringerless blank, really love the feel off the stringerless P.U blank .
Loads on bottom turn & releases energy out of turns .

Fourth Gear

JT hitting Fourth gear on his Micro Yolko

Foam Shapes - Micro Yolko
Been shooting a small series of short movies on assorted board models in the range
The first few showcase the Micro Yolko stringerless quad , I have been working on
super short boards for the last 3 years to come up with a perfect blend of speed , pivot &
drive. I have been super stoked on this little super nug , notice how much speed these
boards pick up on take off , these boards love smooth open walls .

Arctail Peanut 5'5

Speed Disc

4'8 Micro Yolko For James Tanner , will be shooting a little edit of james riding this board
over next few weeks . He has been borrowing mine & absolutely shreds these things .

Logging Season


5'7 Gamelo Twinny

Five two

5'2 Gamelo twin , opaque deck with dirty gold bottom

Volan Tint

9'4 Carnita - Volan Tint , Cedar stringer , involement era inspired