Screened single foils

Made these for the new fish

The Outsiders

New book out called " the outsiders " by a german book company

Sneaky roulette Lefts

Tweaked Carnita

9'4 Modified Carnita Model


Avo Tint tea Hull -6'0" for Christie !! kept this user friendly for customer with concave bottom, soft rails

Xlarge Velo Magic peanut

5'9" for ken with abstract tail dip


Never get sick of this place


new one for the points , 4'10 " pigmy fish


5'9" Stringerless Yolko with glass on alkali fins

Timber Pivot Fin


Pic : Chris Mc Conville


In between boards I have been working on a small project called Yolke , Features handmade
wood ornaments & wall Charts . Have a look if you are looking for some affordable art for the
home. I make all this by hand , I screen , cut & package these goodies from my home studio.
It is a good way to showcase some of my favourite art I have produced of the past years.
I ship worldwide & australia . Retail enquiries welcome
website :

New Clip

Short clip of James Tanner riding the magic carpet  (click image above to go to video)

Test Drive

Had some fun little waves to test the second proto Magic Carpet .
surfer : James Tanner loading up the flex fin

Magic Carpet 2

Ted Spencer replicated a stand up version of greenough's kneeboard in the late 60's he rode it in a few movies like SEA OF JOY & shredded on it.
Here is my version, not a hull , concave to make user friendly & fast in small waves . 
This is my second proto type . 4'10 , stringerless .